The Fat Olive (* lost your car?)

(*added later - a must see in extras - high tide - apparently happens all the time - despite the warning signage)

Finally got to the dental lab in Havant (nr Portsmouth). Stopped for a quick coffee on the way in Emsworth.

Luckily lab got the colour match right first time, so no hanging around. So decided to have a look round Bosham, which the technician recommended visiting. .

Drove via Emsworth, to see the other half of the town. Passed by a pretty little restaurant, The Fat Olive, by Chichester harbour and tempted to stop for lunch. A good choice, small menu, local and seasonal produce.

We then drove on to Bosham. A pretty village, also on the harbour. Had a walk in the sun and chanced upon the ‘drowning car’. Workmen were having a laugh, suggesting the owners were avoiding paying a couple of pounds for the car park, and that cars were often bobbing around at high tide! Expensive mistake.

The link provides more info on the area. I have been to Chichester and the Witterings, but not to Emsworth or Bosham.

Think this just about qualifies for Wide Wednesday, as it’s all about the light. Thanks to BobsBlips for setting this challenge. Well it’s this or the inside of the car. (The forecast heavy rain for the trip didn’t materialise - so added the extra photos of Bosham).

18:54. Just watching BBC South Today - and guess what - someone sent in a photo of that car! Just added a view of the TV report to extras.

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