Brian's Bits

By Kanyl


I've not checked, but it doesn't seem long since I had a rant about the way you can no longer sell a "Meat & Potato pie" unless the meat outweighs the potato.
Here's a question, aimed collectively at Vegans, Vegetarians, Manufacturers and Law makers.

At this juncture I ought to point out that I belong to neither of the above two meat avoiders, I just don't eat a vast amount of meat.

With the above meat & potato example in mind, how can the above group be so obsessive about MEAT?

I have yet to check the Quorn© range, but most others I've noticed seem to manage to include the word "meat" into an item they proudly proclaim is either "No meat" or "Meat-free"?
What's so wrong, in avoiding meat, about calling them, say, Veg balls?
In this case Quorn BOTH declares it meat-free and avoids the use of the word "meat" in the name.

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