Christchurch is alive ....

Early start to avoid the crowds. Got to Christchurch (Dorset, UK), before 10 am for the food fair.

We’ve managed to wander around the stands at various sites for 4 hours. And only have some fresh, locally grown, globe artichokes to show for it. The asparagus looked wonderful too, but we just finished 3 huge bundles in two days.

Nuns kept popping up around the town. Then discovered they were promoting ‘The Sound of Music’ which the iconic deco Regent is showing in a week or so. My sister-in-law and a friend asked me to go with. But no thanks, definitely not my scene. And to cap it all, they already have their ‘silly*’ nun’s outfits, as people are encouraged to don fancy dress. (*nun’s and their habits aren’t silly, just the idea of wearing fancy dress is)

Coffee, and Mr B had an Aspall at the Boathouse. We admired a beautifully refurbished house just opposite, and I photographed some flowers in the garden. We ended up chatting to the charming owners who invited us to see the interior! Nothing flash, all in good taste, and in a perfect position with harbour glimpses - and a glorious view from the lounge on the 1st floor.

Thanks, Admirer, for hosting Silly Saturday.

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