By wellsforzoe

Another new well finished. Everybody helps

9th May 2019:

This year we have a well finishing team led by Peter and Dyton who go to each new well and help the community to finish the structure and surrounds to a new standard.

The location is Chinyakala, Nkhata Bay, Malawi a small almost inaccessable, hilly area which is difficult to reach now with very late heavy rains.

But the show must go on, as they say, with a plan to install 10 pumps each week this year.

Looks like one whole family were involved with even the smallest one carrying bricks on her head.

This pump will be completed by the pump team later and the plaque inserted in the bucket stand.

The pump stand is now a standard part of the construction and allows the women to lift the 25 litre bucket here, before re-adjusting and placing it on their heads.

In this area where there are many hills, so getting the water home is regularly a difficult and sometimes dangerous task.

But they value the clean water so much.

In Ireland we turn on perfect water and wont even consider paying for it.
some even tell us that its a human right and they're worth is .

A few days here might be a wake up call, but?

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