By davidc

Derelict Sunday

I've seen this office/warehouse several times on my bliphunt walks - indeed I've photographed it a few times as a possible photo for for Derelict Sunday I've but never actually used it for my blip until today. I don't know what sort of business used to run from it, but it's in a bit of a state nowadays. It's fenced off with a tightly locked gate so I had to take my shot through the fence - but in some ways I think it adds to the effect.

It's in a small industrial estate in Killingworth, and at 9.30 on a Sunday morning it always seems totally deserted so I expected to be able to grab my blip unseen. However just as I was leaving a chap drew up in a car marked "Security Patrol". He was very nice but asked me what I was doing taking my photographs. Happily he was satisfied when I explained I was an amateur photographer on a challenge to photograph dereliction. (I reckon I was in the right anyway as I was on public land photographing only what can be seen by any passer-by but I didn't have to use this argument.) I think it made his boring morning a bit more interesting than usual!

Many thanks as always to Marlieske for hosting DS.

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