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By walkingMarj

In and around Humshaugh

I went to photograph Margret's lilac today. It was a small cutting given to her by a friend a few years ago and this is the first year it has flowered. It's lovely but the clematis on the garden wall caught my eye and won the place as my blip for today.

It's been busy. Ray, the fitter, worked hard in the heat. The kitchen surfaces have been cut to shape around the windows and the sink. He has put all the handles on the cupboards. Next week he will be back to lay the floor and build shelves in the pantry for me.

A plumber came briefly to remove the radiator. The plasterer who should have come to  plaster the hole in the wall behind this did not arrive. 

I've been trying to pack and trying to make sure that everything is easy to find when Maureen, Mum's carer, arrives tomorrow. 

We discovered late in the day that the prescription I collected is missing one bottle which we need tomorrow. Oh dear. That needs sorting before I leave.

The cats are disturbed by my suitcase and the general chaos.

I did washing quite late but all will be ready for tomorrow. The Express says there will be a sudden cold spell this weekend with thunderstorms. I can't find this on the reliable forecasting site I always use. I hope the Express is just being sensational.

Will I be ready for the train tomorrow?? Who knows! And so to bed.

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