By flavia13


Backblip - photo from 15th October 2019

Hope this is acceptable, but we've only just got back after an exhausting and not great drive home. 

The first part of the journey was terrific, driving through the Cotswolds and Evesham etc.  Then we got to Worcester, and drove up to Kidderminster - BIG MISTAKE.  Soooo many roundabouts.  Would have been fine if they'd all been signposed but we were heading for Bridgnorth, followed the signs fine, then all of a sudden there were about 5 exits and the only signposts was one for the town centre and two for an A road East and West - NOT the A road we were looking for.  We ended up in Stourbridge, managed to get back on the road to Bridgnorth after about 40 minutes of panicking!!!

So to Bridgnorth - I've been a few times, but not for a long time. I wanted to go the Severn Valley Railway and couldn't remember how to get there but saw a signpost, went down that way.  Ended up in the middle of the country somewhere.  Turned round and couldn't find directions to it.  We just gave up and ended up not stopping until the Shrewsbury roundabout and found a pub to have some lunch.  Then just carried on up the A49.  

I needed the conveniences so we saw a sign that said Services with a WC so followed directions, only to find it was closed off and was closed down aaaarrrgghhh!!  Then saw a sign for the chain Subway and Travelodge, so pulled in.  It was a business park, went into Subway  (would have bought a sandwich) but their only loo was Out of Order.  Travelodge a no go, nothing else around, then saw a pub so dashed in there.  Phew

After that everything was OK, especially once we got onto the M6 just before the Thelwell Viaduct.  We'd only chosen to go across country because of the awful roadworks right at the junction of the M6 we would have joined and we heard on the radio that there was also a broken down lorry right at the junction!!!

Still never mind - we're home now,  thoroughly exhausted but safe and sound.

I hope it's OK to backblip a photo as I'm just too exhausted to take any other photos tonight.

Tomorrow I'm just going to spend the day processing all the photos I took and catching up on your blips.

The photo is of Hubby on one of the many bridges in Bourton-on-the-Water.  Sadly I couldn't get great shots because they were digging up the drains just to the left of Hubby there .

Here is link to the Severn Valley Railway for those interested:

I knew there would be no trains today but I would have loved to have walked around the station and gone to the cafe there.  Ah well another time.  I've been with my Dad in the past, it was one of his favourite places but I haven't been in a long time so of course there are now new roads or roundabouts or something!!!

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