By CleanSteve

One of the goslings flexing its growing wings

I went to Frampton court again and it was delightfully quiet. However that also meant that there wasn't a lot of varied bird activity.

I did watch four hobbies flying high in the sky, catching damsel flies I was reliably informed. On the lake I happily watched about forty swans scattered around the islands and reed beds. Ducks, moorhens, and various geese species predominated, with a single oystercatcher kicking up a fuss when three geese cam e too  close to her offspring.

I liked the family of greylag geese I blipped when we last visited. Today they were active on the water travelling quite large distances all together, with the parents in very protective formations. As started to leave the family came ashore and walked up the bank and onto the meadows avidly eating the grass. One of the goslings wandered a few yards from its parents and I was delighted when it stood up onto its legs and started to flap its wings or what little has grown so far. 

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