By Topsyturvy

And they call it Poppy love

We were sitting on a cliff top scanning for seabirds and Poppydog cuddled up for a furry hug - I'm always happy to oblige :-)

Another beautiful day, but this time we did get some garden work done, mainly removing a bank of oil seed rape (no idea where it came from as there's been none around or place for 11yrs!) which had engulfed some tree seedlings we planted last year. The tip is beautifully convenient so off LH toddled with another carload w I did fun gardening, planting up some flower seedlings. Not sure if they'll survive, but I won't know unless I try.

Of to Ladies Fun Golf tonight where I had fun indeed, discovering parts of the course I'd never previously visited and others I've been unfortunate enough to encounter at other times. I'm hoping I've rid myself of all my bad shots as I'm playing a tricky course tomorrow in an open competition!

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