By ArcLight

Waiting for the bus

Terrible night's sleep - a combination of knowing I had to get up early and just plain sleeplessness, which happens occasionally. Perfectly easy trip home, and I slept part of the way on the flight. We left Helsinki in bright sunshine and returned to the dreichest and dampest Edinburgh possible. We passed some great potential blips as the taxi drove through the centre of a very quiet early morning city, but unfortunately no chance to get a blip. So I had to get my camera out in the airport.

When we got back here we leapt into the midst of laundry and other domestic pleasures. It's not long before we leave again! Some of the domestic nonsense was made a bit more stressful because someone accused me of running into their car in the supermarket car park. It clearly was not us, but the car in question had been identified as silver Ford, and ours fits the description. That raised the temperature a bit. As a result of all this nonsense, I ran out of steam before getting around to doing my blip in the evening, so this is a backblip. I do find it much easier to recover lost hours of sleep by going to bed early rather than getting up late. As a result, whilst others were watching TV nonsense (Eurovision, etc.), I was snoring.

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