By Paladian


I keep threatening to quit, but somehow I never do.  I get a bit behind hand every now and again when life gets in the way, but I always somehow catch up.  Maybe it's because after a miracle 2,500 blips it's got to be a habit to take an image every day.  Sometimes, you don't quite remember why you took it, but it must have spoken to you in some way.

So there it is - 2,500 blips.

A very grateful thanks to all those people who still comment and talk to me even though I am churlish enough to never comment back.  It doesn't mean I never think of you, because I do - and I love all those awesome images you post.

An amazing community - what would we do without it.

Oh - a stunning crinkle cut Camellia sasanqua in the Himeji Garden in Adelaide today.

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