By PixelChristi

Hello once more (again)!

Hey folks.

I’m back and blipping now that things are on a semi even keel. After a very long time away. Probably not going to post every day as it’s just not beneficial to my work (or my head) but I’ll be posting regularly.

Things have happened. I had another exhibition which went very well. See Transient Collective on Instagram for details of that. I have a studio now, which I share with my friend Cat.

I also had one of my Bridges prints exhibited in New York as part of the highly competitive PrintSwap Instagram competition. I’m secretly quite chuffed with that one, but also secretly horrified that I did an Instagram thing. ;)

Also got featured on the Togspace blog which launched a few weeks back. So that was nice.

Currently rebuilding the business after all the illness stuff razed it to the ground, toying with the idea of doing a small amount of portraiture whilst I try and build a print sales business and raise my profile with exhibitions etc.

Anyway, I’ll post more details over time. I have been keeping an eye on things every so often, just not posted in a very long time. /waves

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