21052019 - Epic roadtrip day 1

Some of you guessed correct - we are indeed on a roadtrip and yesterday's pile was music for the segments when the radio rattles too much.

So on the first day of our epic roadtrip (drive for 500+ kms) we first stopped to see the famous windmills of Don Quixote in Consuegra in Castilla-La Mancha.

"Consuegra is famous due to its windmills. They became famous in the 17th century, when Don Quixote was first published. The introduction of the windmills was made by "Caballeros Sanjuanistas", who brought these machines that helped millers. These machines used the wind to grind grain (the most common grain is wheat). The windmills were transmitted from fathers to sons. They usually consisted of two rooms or levels. Millers had to carry sacks of grains that could weigh 60 or 70 kilos to the top floor, they rotated the sails of the windmill as the top part of the windmill or dome was movable. They stopped being used at the beginning of the 1980s. "

Then we drove to see Toledo. Those of you who have been to Toledo know that it's absolutely breathtaking. Toledos history starts 192 years before Christ, so... I can't even start to describe Toledo. It would have been fab to see more of it, but with 3 dogs, we try to stay in less crowded areas. We did get to see the best views...

We are staying the night in Avila. "Situated 1132 metres (3714 feet) above sea level on a rocky outcrop on the right bank of the Adaja river, a tributary of the Duero, Ávila is the highest provincial capital in Spain." Duero runs through Toledo.

We are staying in a hotel inside the castle walls which are the oldest and longest (2,5km) of all of Spain. This has also been a UNESCO world Heritage Site since 1985. This place is also so beautiful. I'd like to take another walk, but I'm just too tired. Perhaps I'll get some more pictures on our morning walk with the dogs.

Bits between "" are from wikipedias.

So in the picture you can see the famous windmills. You can see Amadeus facing fabulous Toledo. One picture from the road and then the river Adaja here in Avila.

I'll blip if I have connections.

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