Touch of Green

There was a lot of nagging this morning – to make sure BB got himself out to school on time.  I was worn out by the time he had departed.  I then headed out for a  run – and did a lovely seven miles in the sunshine.  I was really  worn out by the time I got home and then had to rush into town to get something for lunch as the cupboard was empty.  However, BB ended up at a friend’s house for lunch , so I made my own and enjoyed it in the garden.

Later I realised he needed cash for Scouts, and I had none, so another trip into town was required.  On my way back I bumped into friend who I haven’t seen for years!  We have now arranged to meet for a catch up in a couple of weeks.

Later BB had scouts and I had an early night.

I liked the touch of green in this otherwise blue blip.

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