Kitkat Kid

The grandchildren have all been sick this week so I didn't do the usual extra-curricular runs. However I called in today to give Bec a chance to duck out for a bit of shopping (and sanity).

I sometimes take them Kitkats and thought today would be a suitable one for treats. 
Jane doesn't usually get one (except once when we gave her a taste and she wouldn't let it go). However we thought she could do with it this time as has been off her food and I wanted to cheer her up as her mother left.
It certainly did the trick there.

By co-incidence I had an appointment for my flu shot and so did they about the same time so I took Elizabeth and Hugh. The others can wait till they are a bit better.

Proud Grandma moment: as we left I heard the nurse say she wished all kids were like that and the Dr agreed. They didn't flinch.

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