By Shygirl73

to Obey or not to Obey ?

Well I've probably fallen by the Wayside a few times ;) 
I did though make that promise 57 years ago and my Wedding ring had never left my finger. Until this morning that is.

 It was beginning to dig in so I reluctantly had it cut off today (not the finger) It was engraved with the date inside which I was trying to Blip but it was difficult as I kept dropping the tablet..

Also I'm sorry about showing my awful hands.I did edit it but when I tried to add the photo it said it was too small.

Years of putting my hands in buckets of Flash have taken their toll. ;( 
It cost £15 to have the ring removed.I nearly had a heart attack.
Goodness knows how much It would cost to have the ring resized.
I'm not going to bother so will wear my Mam's instead ❤❤❤

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