By D

Family Day

Early rise to get the train up to London in time for lunch with our lovely family.
Tippy’s theThai restaurant in East Ham is closing soon and we will all miss it. But today all 9 of us (Trev,me,Jack,Jen,George,Alice,Jack,Chris and Parisha) had a cracking meal celebrating Alice’s 31st Birthday and Tippy helped in entertaining George who was beginning to be a bit off colour. He had his MMR vaccination yesterday but as the day went on we realised
he also was getting a chest infection.
After Tippy’s the Red Door Cafe for cake and then Jack and Jen’s garden. George by this time was wheezing badly and flopped on his Mum’s lap. Managed to get a late app with a Dr who confirmed a chest infection.
Back to the garden for more cake. George perked up and intently scoffed a piece. And beginning to feel a little better he enjoyed playing with his aunts and uncles.

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