All part of the story

By Treshnish


Its great to have AS staying over the Bank holiday weekend. She took us to Calgary for lunch and we sat on a bench overlooking the beach listening to the sea and putting the world to rights.  The Whitsun Bank holiday always brings a different sort of tourist somehow - lots of families from south of the border (Scottish schools don't have a week off at this time of year) who play and lark about joyfully in the sand with enthusiasm and noise! 

Lots of walkers on Treshnish too today.  S says as soon as they hear the quad bike they put their dogs back on leads - having taken them off lead once they have walked through the farmyard!  

The Bluebells are later at Haunn, just beginning to be lovely.  Appearing where S has got rid of the Bracken.  You can see how dry the hill looks. 

Hope you have all had a lovely day.  

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