By Veronica

Knitting patterns

Zoomed in, these leaves do look as if they are knitted in very tidy stocking stitch. Note: despite appearances, this photo is in colour. Taken on a not very adventurous wander around the village with the new lens. The extra is not exactly a masterpiece, but I liked trying out the lens at maximum extension and maximum aperture.

Have been looking after S today; he is still full of cold, whereas I am more or less cured. Choir committee meeting with our new director last night. Due to absences, this is the first time I've met her; she seems bubbly and fun, but also efficient and decisive. So fingers crossed we can get through the AGM in a couple of weeks and continue with no more dramas. 

I failed to take any photos yesterday; it was a rainy day and there was some truly weird sunset light after our meeting, but I was driving along the motorway, and I knew it would be gone by the time I got off and found a suitable spot.

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