An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die!

I was awake at 7am and as the sun was shining brightly I got up, showered and dressed to make the most of the day.  

David was playing golf at Strathtay so he headed off after breakfast leaving me to my own devices.  

As I was blow-drying my hair the ducks were tapping at the glass doors looking for breakfast but by the time I got the sweetcorn we brought for them, they'd disappeared.  Typical!  I sprinkled some corn for them so no doubt they will return.

The weather was so lovely I had a little wander and took some photographs of the surrounding bluebell wood (see extra) and some video footage of the little stream that runs past the Boathouse.  It will be good to look at in stressful times as the sight and sound of that little stream equals total relaxation.

Came back inside and decided to have another practice at watercolour painting.  Such a relaxing pastime.  I am trying so hard to relax and paint freely, just pushing paint and water round the paper really, but it's so difficult.  Its making me realise what a control freak I am!  

David returned having enjoyed his round of golf (yay!  :-)) and we had a late lunch.  I had a giggle to myself when I realised the beetroot slaw filling in my sandwich was the same colours as my painting.  Talk about being coordinated!  lol

Discussed our plans for the rest of the day over coffee and decided we would go for a drive through Glen Lyon.  I'd really hoped to do that run on a  clear, sunny day but the weather had turned, the mist was down and there was light rain.  We decided to go anyway and I'm glad we did as it is one of the most stunning routes I've ever travelled.  So atmospheric in the dull light and low cloud.  We will definitely drive it again the summer in better weather to take advantage of the views.

I had many blips to choose from but the shivers I got as Ben Lawers Dam came into view at the west end of the Glen meant it's my blip today.  I thought it looked like something straight out of a James Bond movie (hence my blip title :-))

In the extras you will find the opposite side of the dam and a view across the structure as well as the drop to the valley floor.  

Back to the Boathouse for an easy dinner of pizza, salad and a G&T, followed by delicious Perthshire strawberries and cream.

Sorry I've not managed to get around journals or reply to your lovely comments.  Will try and catch up tomorrow as we're having another lazy morning :-))

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