Great spotted woodpecker

We've spotted this little visitor at the bird feeding station in the garden over the last few days.  But I've never had a camera to hand during her brief visits.  This evening we were sitting in eating our dinner in the living room, with the patio door open, and we heard her calling.  When I looked out of the door, there were a couple of wood pigeons perched on the trellis above the feeder, so she was clearly frustrated and could not get near it.  Then at about 7.45 I heard her again, and took another look - and there she was.  This time, I managed to record her visit.  And can identify her as female, lacking the red patch on the back of the head that can be seen in TonyG's blip today.  The light wasn't brilliant, the camera struggled to focus, so most of my photos are blurry.  I found it difficult to choose between this and the one I've put in extras as my blip.  I liked the other one, because it shows she was too late for the main feast - the crows and starlings had beaten her to it - but she was getting the last of the fat from the wires.  But this one is a clearer photo.

We're really pleased to see her.  We've been feeding the birds since we moved in, but as the garden develops there is more cover for them near the feeder, and so we are getting an increasing variety of species.  

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