Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


I haven’t taken part in the Wide Angle Wednesday challenge for sometime, so decided that before I went over to the Radio Station, I would try and get a shot of our wild flower beds at the back of the garden.  This isn’t actually in line with the theme of WAW, but at least I’ve tried!  However, it does fit in with the Wildflower Challenge, so that's good.

I crept out (feeling rather conspicuous in my pink robe) but Mr. HCB was so intent on planting his beans that he didn’t even know I was there taking photographs.  I realise this one is rather dark, but it was just after 8 a.m. and it’s always rather dark in that area.

These beds usually have vegetables grown in them, but the roots of the very large sycamore tree outside our fence have made this impossible, so we thought that wild flowers would grow there - and they have.  We have daisies, cornflowers and lots of other wild flowers too and they look particularly good today, swaying in the wind.

I’m pleased to say that the buttercups and daisies are still growing well in the lawn, so I hope all the pollinating insects are happy with all that we are doing in our garden.

We had a good morning on the Girls About Town radio programme - no guest, but the four of us found plenty to talk about!

“It is easier to tell a person what life is not, 
     rather than to tell them what it is. 
A child understands weeds 
     that grow from lack of attention, in a garden. 
However, it is hard to explain the wild flowers 
     that one gardener calls weeds, 
          and another considers beautiful ground cover.” 
Shannon L. Alder

P.S.  Thank you for all your kind comments on yesterday’s Blip - I just hope that the green shield bug found another home outside the fence - perhaps even in the sycamore tree!

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