A day in the life

By Shelling

Making dots

In the field outside my porch the neighbour is gathering hay. Nowadays this is highly automated using a probably immensely expensive machine, not to mention the tractor. A few days ago he harvested the hay and it has been drying a little on the ground. Now it's being packaged. The front part of the machine gathers the hay from the ground and rolls it up into tight rolls. When it's done it rolls back to the end bit of the machine where the roll gets wrapped up in plastic. This goes on while the front bit makes another roll ready for packaging. When the roll is done it gets pushed off. Impressive.
Now the farmer has fresh hay for his animals at the farm through winter.

I know an artist in Härnösand, Norrland where I used to live. She thought they looked like dots and so came up with the idea to organise them in letters like the Braille system uses for the blind to read with their fingertips. She then put them out on the field so that someone who could read Braille read: "What do you eat God?" She said she didn't get a clear answer from God but one day one of the dots had fallen over so she was sure God had read the message.

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