The best laid plans, and all that.......

Yes, well, what did we expect really. We've been through some glorious weather recently, and even the past week wasn't bad at all. So the Hawaiian themed BBQ was all planned for Joanne's birthday today and then the weather forecast told us that it would be an awful day with torrential rain. Ha, I thought, they never get it right. Well this time they did so instead of a BBQ we had a "Hawaiian Themed Indian Takeaway". It was delivered at 1800 and Marlane and I had decorated for the surprise party. 
Joanne thought she was coming around for a birthday meal, didn't know what it was going to be and certainly didn't know about the Hawaiian theme.
Daniel had ordered all the decorating stuff on-line and we had some pink balloons handy and a helium bottle to blow them up.
It was a great success, ate far too much as always and Daniel still took a box of the Indian food away for tomorrow, and Sunday I suspect! He told us not to let him order the food again as he just goes mad HAHAHAHAHAHA
Anyway, we all had a great time and even Julia came home with the twins to celebrate with us.
Ruby was not impressed with the ball pit by the way, see extra. 

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