By davesfotos

A pleasant mistake and surprise

The weather was okay nothing special and it wasn't raining so I could get things done in the garden.
I kicked off by trimming two shrubs by my shed and taking a full barrow load of cuttings to the bonfire.
Next a spot of painting the arms of two sun blinds on the side of the house.
Then the chainsaw was used to cut a large branch that had split and landed on the lawn.
It too was dragged to the bonfire and cut up into smaller sections.
Lastly up to the pond and I cut back branches hanging over my side from my neighbour.
I'll go back tomorrow with some heavy equipment and reach those that I couldn't today.
Molly was a bit naughty and barked a lot at nothing well at least nothing I could see or hear.
Today's Blip is the wildflowers I sowed back in October or November last year.
Regular followers might remember the front border by gates and the Quince that I cleared up.
I'm happy with them except they've grown much thicker and taller than I expected and have hidden the Quince.
I really didn't expect this result but it's the joy of making mistakes in the garden.
TV sport for me this afternoon I hope you have a good day too and thanks for your visit it's appreciated.

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