Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH

Mono Monday: Tie

And they’re off!  Brian goes into an early lead but Turbo is right behind him.  Brian takes the inside of the bend increasing his lead.  He's going like greased lightning; he’s a full length ahead of Turbo now.  At the halfway point it looks as though Brian has nailed this.  But wait!  Turbo is making a comeback!  He’s not out of this yet - it’s still a two snail race.  They’re coming up the back straight and Turbo is gaining on Brian who looks like he's getting tired; there’s only a short tentacle in it as they approach the finishing line with Turbo gaining all the time, and at the finish……It’s a TIE!

Thanks to laurie54 for setting this month's Mono Monday themes.

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