Tying the Knot

Having taken one or two wedding photos over the last couple of weeks I thought a tie-in for today's Mono Monday could be 'Tie the Knot'.  Hence a pair of wedding rings.

Thanks to Laurie54 for hosting, theme Tie.

It rained today, actually most of the day with brief dryish bits, and cold.  The plumber came this morning to replace the kitchen and bathroom mixer taps both of which decided to start playing up at the same time.  After lunch we managed to get out to Pret for a coffee. Seasonal weather it certainly is not!

The origin of "tying the knot" is either from the Roman times when the bride's girdle was tied in knots on the wedding day and the groom had to untie the knots prior to consummating the marriage or more likely from the Celtic (pagan) marriage ceremony of handfasting, where the hands of the bride and groom were tied together for a marriage "contract" of one year plus one day that the newlyweds promised to stay together prior to the marriage becoming "legal."  If the husband and wife decided at that point they were not for each other they would part. If not, the marriage was then forever.


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