My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Sleeving it

I actually left work on time for a change.
2.5 miles from home I had a van behind me flashing his lights and pointing at my car. Wondering what the hell this idiot was doing I got out at the roundabout to see a trail of fluid coming out from under the car, "smells really strong, like petrol."
So I pulled into the lay-by to have a look at what was what. Sure enough, oil or petrol was dripping streaming out of somewhere about half way along the car. I didn't really want to drive it any further just in case so called the RAC and waited...

...for over 3 hours!

Eventually he turned up to diagnose a cracked -plastic- fuel pipe. He managed to put a sleeve over the crack as a sticking plaster measure but couldn't clamp it so I definitely need to get it sorted ASAP. At least it was enough to get me home.

Thanks though to Louisa for the McDonald's delivery and to NothingToFear for the offer of a lift home after seeing me stranded in the rain.

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