But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

Craigellachie Bridge.

I last cycled here on the 7th November last year and thought today that I should be a little fitter. Bearing in mind that there was a stiff breeze today and I arrived back at the holiday home without walking up any hills - and still feeling remarkably fresh, I think I must be. I was continuing the exploration of the wide angle lens and, just for novelty tried an infrared shot; conventional colours are in the extra. What I hadn’t bargained for was the amount of water in the River Spey, I would have been swept away had I tried to blip from half way across as I had last time.
I’ve taken the step of trying the new edition of the Nik plugins, they’re really not significantly changed but I do feel duty-bound to support DxO who have taken over the software. It appears that the plugins are still free, but you have to buy their RAW converter (Photolab Essential) to get them; the issue is that in the integrated system, once you leave the RAW converter, all workings are destructive and, even if you are the get-it-right-in-camera types, you need Photoshop for so many parts of the work-flow.

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