The green gym, again

But also indoor work, the whole house is now a lot cleaner than it was this morning. We have visitors literally hours after we get back from the next trip so it feels necessary to be very ready when we leave. There is plenty to do before we set off, so I was dashing round with the feather duster and the window cleaner and the hoover this morning. 

Then I spent time researching sewing machines with a bit more focus and have landed on a Pfaff, I think. Possibly. Delivered to the garage at the end of the road, bought on the internet, if I do it. After the trip... I can't buy the simplest, and I don't want the most complex. This one is mechanical which is important to me as I like to fiddle, and it does all the things I need.

Then out into the green gym again. Keith was valiantly digging and smoothing and covering over with tarpaulins. I dragged many weeds up by the roots, filled three barrows with green rubbish to be carted off into the forest, and felt the flower beds looked a lot less messy when I was done. Done in more like, we were both tired when we finally allowed ourselves to call it a day. "Just one more little job" should be on our epitaph.

Hungry. Late. Nothing thought of, nothing ready. Soup. Leftovers became soup with a few new additions. Suddenly it was Prosecco time! I spotted the bottle in the fridge as I went to get chilled water. It leapt into my hands and we decided we had cause for celebration.

Getting the garden into shape
Being pleased with ourselves
Realising that we are flying with SAS = extra baggage allowance
That Robbie, who we have known since he was born, graduates from high school tomorrow
That we are happy doing what we do
That the house is clean and tidy (except where I'm sewing, obviously)
And celebrating that we have the Prosecco at all, and the gorgeous crystal glasses to drink  it out of (a gift from a friend, which is also cause for celebration)

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