By dfb24

Macro Abstract...

...todays' theme selected by Ingeborg, and big thanks for your weekly AbstractThursday challenge, Ingeborg! 
I spent the morning at the service garage having my new brakes put on. They timed it perfectly, as I'd just finished my book and sent my SIL a text wishing her a happy birthday when they brought the paperwork in and said it was all done. It took longer than I expected (2 1/2 hours), but then, I don't spend much time at service stations, & at least it's done and the brakes work great--no more squeaks or pulsating! When I got home I spent about 20 minutes picking up branches of varying size that broke off our big maple tree during the high winds last night. It was during this clean-up that I noticed all the maple seeds laying in clumps on the ground, thought they'd make a nice abstract, took a bunch of them into the sun porch, laid them out and took some pictures. :)

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