Oh lordy, its been a big day.....and its been foggy and drizzling all day.

We dressed for a party, except for our footwear and went off to watch Harry play football.  I ran out of battery after three shots, so not too many options for blip.
Here he is in red & green.....he scored a great goal, final score 4-4.
We then tidied ourselves up in the car park, tried to restore order to the hair doo, applied some lippy, changed shoes, washed Harry's knees and went off to our brother-in-laws 80th birthday luncheon.
These family affairs are such fun, catching up with rallies not seen for some time.  Food absolutely delicious.

Home late, all feeling somewhat jaded (wine in the middle of the day isn't good), we've had a late light tea, now watching rugby.


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