I Wish I Was in Wellington

This is definitely today's theme song!

From this photo, it must be immediately apparent why my flight was cancelled due to "bad weather at Nelson Airport". 

But cancelled it was, after the captain of the incoming Jetstar flight from Auckland decided to turn back to the point of origin rather than land at Nelson. It was actually raining at the time, but Air New Zealand, Sounds Air and even helicopters were still flying. That inbound plane was supposed to have taken us away to Wellington - so that didn't happen. There was another Jetstar flight to Wellington at 3pm but it was fully booked. So I have to go tomorrow at 8am, instead. To say that I was not best pleased is putting it mildly. As Kari said, when I told her, "Ah yes, Jetstar - the bane of the NZ domestic traveller's life."

I had to don sunglasses to drive home from the airport, and spent the afternoon watching Air NZ planes fly past the house, in and out of the airport. 

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