Polish Fest

I had such a nice day today. I met my friend downtown at Grand Avenue Mall this morning for the "Showcase for a Cure" tour. The mall used to be full of shops, but over the years more and more closed down, so now they've added offices and just finished remodeling the second floor into brand new apartments. The tour raises money for cancer research, but this year, instead of a home, they featured 5 of the new apartments, which I have to say were pretty fabulous, & geared for millennials who want to live downtown, walk to work or entertainment, eat out & not worry about a car. It was sunny and 72 degrees when we finished the tour, so we left our cars in the parking structure and walked a few blocks to Cafe Benelux for lunch, & the food didn't disappoint. By the time we left the restaurant--an hour and a half later-- the skies were overcast and it had dropped to 55 degrees with a stiff wind.....& neither of us wearing jackets. We froze our way back to our cars, where she headed home, & I, who had planned ahead, drove over to Polish fest, having had the forethought to put a jacket in the car!! After walking around the festival grounds in the market place area, I was disappointed to find NO huge tents full of Polish Pottery like they usually have, but rather only two small booths of it. Nonetheless, I found a pair of salt and pepper shakers that I liked, needed,  and bought. The music and dancing were fantastic, as always, & I had so many photos I liked of the dancing that I did a collage today. I just love the colorful dresses!   :))

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