Made it!

Although even the 8am flight was delayed due to a late incoming aircraft, I did make it to Wellington by 9am, where I was met by Christina. Immy, who is up here for the weekend, was still asleep on the sofa when we arrived at the flat but she got up and then we all (including Ryan) went off for brunch at Babylon Beach cafe on Oriental Parade, where we were joined by Xandre.

One benefit of having been delayed by 24 hours is that the weather in Wellington today was lovely - far better than than yesterday’s, apparently.  After brunch, we continued into town as Christina had store credit at a shop where she has to buy a lot of outfits as part of her job (one of the perks!). We chose a top each, then went get our nails done; Immy opted for power red (not a colour she usually goes for) as she has a difficult situation to deal with - flatmate issues, AGAIN! - when she returns to Dunedin.

Then we trooped off for drinks at the bar where Indigo now works... she mixed some cocktails for the girls, and I had a G&T and we bought one for the bartender herself. It seems the years are flying by with these young women out in the world. Somewhere in the dim and distant past, I have a blip of Indy ‘ollying’ on her skateboard, aged 13 or 14!

I took this phone shot in the dusk; the tiny, colonial cottages that form ‘Havana’ are now dwarfed by the surrounding high-rise buildings, giving this photo rather a movie-set appearance.

When we arrived back at the flat, it was time for the girls to book a hotel in Tokyo for their stopover there next month, and then we had to try and work out an itinerary for Immy’s time in Europe. It’s so unfortunate that having to move flats happened when it did, as she lots several weeks with all of that! Anyway, I think we’ve made some headway now. We ordered dinner to eat at home while watching a movie, and then Immy and I retired to our respective sofas for the night; we have an early start again tomorrow for our flights back to Nelson and Dunedin.

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