By Colstro

Wedding Gifts

This is what the weekend is all about, and why I have been rather busy over the last few days and unable to keep up with blipping.  (I have back blipped the last few days now.)

Today was my son's wedding day.  It was a fabulous day which all worked as planned and hoped.  Even the weather improved, so that it stopped raining before the end of the ceremony and the bride and groom were able to walk from the church down between the rows of guests as they threw the confetti.

The reception was held in the Clifton Pavilion at Bristol zoo. Our son and his new wife both enjoy the animals and the zoo seemed an ideal place to hold the reception.  The guests had access to the zoo even after it had closed to the public - at least until the dancing started in the evening, but even then we could access the garden outside the pavilion now that the weather had turned dry and warm.  The ice cream stall in the evening sunshine was very welcome!

My blip is not  the happy couple admiring their wedding gifts as you may have thought!  One of the features of the reception was the "animal encounter" where zoo staff allowed us to get up and close with a variety of small creatures including these giant snails, a snake, beetles and a bearded dragon.

Everything worked out well as planned, with really excellent food, entertaining, humorous and well presented speeches and a great eight piece band in the evening with lots of happy guests.  A long and wonderful day.

I feel immensely proud and happy.

[Back blipped after the weekend as I start to recover!]

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