Breakfast with fewer birds and squirrels since the feeders needed filling up, and after packing we headed off to Brodick castle. Interesting fairly homely feel although full of hunting trophies up the main staircase - so many stags heads :(
Chatted to one of the guides about the family history of the Hamiltons and some of the colourful characters, seemed the women were pretty positive influences through at least 3 generations.
As we finished looking round inside the sun came out and we enjoyed strolling round the walled garden...beautiful new sandstone paving and some lovely flowers. We had some coffee outside in the sun but it started to drizzle a bit and we headed into the woods for a walk (saw a cork tree and some very shapely ones - sycamores?). Unfortunately the rain got heavier so we headed back - just stopping to pick elderflowers to make cordial with.
Once things had started going downhill they continued in that vein for some time! We tried to find a seaglass jewellery shop but there must have been a mistake in the postcode in the brochure as it took us to the other side of the island! By the time we got back it was time to head for the ferry, but literally as we were in the queue we got a text saying it had been cancelled. Sigh!
Headed to a cafe for some lunch (nice hasselback baked potatoes with home made chilli) before back to the port and waited again....listening to various classical music stations to help S work out how to categorise the various pieces, They started to load eventually - but the car in front of us was the last one allowed on. Grr!
They eventually moved a little ferry round and we got onto that - only 3 hours late!
Straightforward trip and drive home, made the cordial to first stage (thanks Sallymair for the recipe!) then had some cheese and biscuits from Arran and to bed. We’ve packed a lot in!

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