Amadeus on his favorite place: on the stairs.

Today I had one of those days that I really wanted to wear something really really comfortable. I just didn't see it in my closet (albeit filled with dresses), so I had to make this to me: https://www.instagram.com/p/By2STRripMR/
It doesn't look like much, but it is really comfortable with racer back. It's so hot during days. I just wanna wear something that doesn't show much of anything (like sweat).

I have also cleaned some clothes closets from the both of us. We took 3 bags to charity and I'm not even done with the cleaning yet.

2 of our dogs have a cut on top of the right back leg. I've been taking care of Nelson's cut for 1,5 week and it's finally started to close. But now Buddha has similar on the same paw and it's infected and bleeding just like Nelson's was a week ago. I think it's some kind of plant part that is very needle like and that's what is hurting them. Some of the nature hear is very uninviting and aggressive. So Nelson and Buddha have a sock on the same leg to prevent them from licking it. For Buddha I have to add some vinegar, otherwise he'll lick through all the layers of fabrics that I have used to cover it.

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