Jan's View

By HarlingDarling


We have had another bright, sunny day with a few spots of rain and a chilly breeze at times.I like a breeze as it keeps the bugs off and cools me down nicely. We went to Rivington, near Chorley, where we wandered through woods and beside waters. At times the pram had to be man-handled over stiles and other obstacles, but it was a gentle walk where the bonny boy got some sun on his face and some fresh air in his lungs. As did we all. And a beautiful drive over, through green hills and vales and lushness!

Then we fed our faces on various snacks and drinks at one of the three cafes we saw. This is something I really miss in my part of Sweden! We walk all over the place but there are rarely benches to rest on and admire the view, and almost never anywhere to buy a snack or an ice cream. We often say how nice it will be when we get to the cafe, knowing that what we will do is walk home and get the kettle on!

At this point our niece is carrying her son, Keith is pushing the empty (but still curiously very heavy) pram, the Nana is looking tinier than she is in real life due to perspective, and the Grandpa is looking pensive as he munches on an apple. Bramble is waiting patiently & I am nowhere to be seen.

We have chosen new bike helmets this afternoon, and I think the mattress of my dreams will be bought tomorrow. There is no limited choice in our little town and it is a real treat to have things to try on, not just to buy over the net sight unseen. There are many benefits to living in the remoter parts of the planet, but also many plusses to living in the thick of it!

Another such plus is the sound of my brother ordering an Indian takeaway that will be our evening meal. If we want that sort of food we can make it ourselves, or drive for an hour to the city and eat out in one of the three restaurants serving it. That itself is a massive improvement on life when we got here in 1979, then it was a 6 hour drive to the capital!

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