By strawhouse

It's the Most Magical Time of the Year!!!!

Canterparcs means ridiculously expensive drinks by the pool - a delicious Chai lattes for me and gingerbready, cinamonny, caramelly, creamy chocolate concoctions for Mr K.  Yummy!!!! 
The Little Misses were falling over themselves this morning in their excitement to get out on their bikes and down to the Pancake House. They all had chocolate/cream/honeycomb/Nutella/Flake/toffee covered pancakes, I had a virtuous veggie omelette.
Miss L's gluten free effort was inedible and as reluctant as I am to make a fuss and single her out I refused to pay for such crappy food. I went and complained without Miss L noticing and the waitress completely understood, said it would be taken off the bill and I wasn't the first to complain. I should email but I know I won't!!
From there it was to the pool for the day. It's good to be back!! It's the first year that Mr K and I could just sit and read and chat, vaguely keeping an eye on them in the water. A whole new world!!
The day whizzed by in a whirl of swimming, jumping in waves, sliding down giant slides in inflatable hoops, whooshing round the rapids outside, drinking Christmas drinks from Starbucks, eating sandwiches, muffins and cookies from Starbucks, trying not to think about how much money we were spending in Starbucks. It was ace!!!!
It was raining for much of the day so it was brilliant being outside in the rapids, especially when it got dark and it was all steaming and lit up with Christmas lights. 
We got out at about 6pm to go and see Santa in his grotto. It was a mistake really. Miss E felt too old and a bit embarrassed to be there (despite there being other older children there.) We got soaked to the skin on the cycle from the pool to the grotto - proper soaked - and the woman wouldn't let us in because we were early and we couldn't join the queue until our allotted time. Jobsworth!!!! And the presents they got were crap. 
So we won't be doing that again!!
Home to the lodge to await the delivery of pizza (them) and chicken chow mien (me) for dinner, and DVDs in front of the fire before bed. Poor Mr K had to cycle out in the pouring rain to get matches!
An early night as all the Sub Tropical Paradise fun wears you out!

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