Stopped at a lovely bakery for an almond croissant and coffee on the way from the hotel to Euston, then a quick zip to MK and a cab to Mt&H’s. Played outside with the little ones....AR loving decorating the walls and patio with chalk and Mx kept reaching up to put stones on the big bin when he wasn’t on the swing.
Left them to go off to a party and went to T&Kt’s for a BBQ lunch. Their garden was looking stunning and it was lovely to sit in the sun, drink some of their homemade rhubarb and ginger gin and chat about Ascot, gardening, his new job and their upcoming holidays.
Back to Mt&H’s and did some gardening and tidying before trying to make progress on the application reviewing I need to do. Not easy when they’re from so many different disciplines.
Decided to come over to see A&N...they’ve been painting their shed...and we watched a daft film and had fish finger sandwiches. We know how to live!

So....2000 blips today! My goodness, never thought it would be possible but I’m definitely hooked! I never have enough time to take great photos or to comment enough on others’ blips, but I love the connections with the positive community from across the world and the way it helps me remember what I do each day! Thanks to everyone on here for encouraging me in and keeping dropping by!

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