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By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Chin/Chen Rest

Sweeter a sleeper in large.
White-fronted geese
Black spur-winged goose flapping
White-eyed duck ("hardhead") flapping
Alternative blip angle

I went to the Wetland Centre in the early afternoon: found all of the emperor geese and nēnēs, so that was a relief. The emperor geese were in two pairs (two were on "the tundra", and two were in with the Bewick's swans), while the nēnēs were all over the place (the friendly nēnē was with the tundra geese, two were in with the Bewick's swans, and one was in the usual enclosure). 
Perhaps the staff have separated them in this broody season; escapes doesn't explain today's arrangement...

My blip shows the Hawaiian goose that was actually still in their usual enclosure: someone had put grass on this bench, and the nēnē was sleepily grazing, and kept falling asleep standing up with its chin resting on the bench which was adorable. It would wake every so often, and graze half-heartedly for a moment before falling back asleep. I took a series showing this which starts here.
Other highlights included seeing one of the black spur-winged geese preening and flapping about, spotting some new white-eyed ducks (AKA hardheads, which are Australian relatives of tufted ducks), and getting close to the white-fronted and red-breasted geese on my way out.

Today's batch (inc. lots of flapping sequences) start on this page (or right from Nēnē looking grumpy)

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