C2C Day 9 - Richmond to Ingelby Cross

Giant Hogweed! I've never seen it before so it was wonderful to see!  Later there was another first, view in extras, which is unidentified at the moment. 

A long, flat, slog of a walk today. A late lunch saw us at a pub in streaming waterproofs plus mud..... some folk went in and ordered food, we ate and drank outside. We were ready to go but those inside were still waiting.  We were annoyed that they'd chosen today, the longest slog of the route, to spend an hour, plus, in a pub while we had carried all the food and drink we needed. ????

The result was that four of us set off and had a fine old time crossing muddy crop fields etc, with yours truly navigating via a Harvey's map... ie small scale with very little detail. Eventually of course they caught us up (there are a small bunch of very fast walkers amongst us).

Anyway.... we had a very nice meal at The Bluebell, which was actually two starters :-)

22.56 miles 

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