By Taffydil

Walking Along the Towpath

Today my daughters and I went to visit a church in which my niece is getting married next year. They were quite excited to see the church as they are going to be bridesmaids! It was very old and beautiful. There was a sign on the door to keep it closed as apparently starlings fly in and cannot get out and perish, how sad. 

Afterwards we stopped by a place called Lower Heyford to have a quick walk along the Oxford Canal. A lot of people hire boats from here, canal boat holidays are so relaxing (unless you are nominated to wind the locks!)  The 3 Amigos really wanted to go for a cruise but sadly we didn't have enough time. 

(Apologies for the blurry background, its hard holding the pooches at arm's length and trying to take a photo one handed. There was a long drop down into the canal so I didn't want to risk balancing them on the bridge!)  

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