While on my runs

By waipushrink

Transformer by John Edgar (2004)

Today I took my sandwiches and my camera and walked out into the Auckland Domain at lunch time. I decided that my need for sunlight, fresh air, stimulation of Vitamin D production, and absence of thinking about work exceeded the need for my attention to emails and other tasks. And a very enjoyable 40 minutes it was.

I had only recently identified this part of the Outdoor Sculpture Trail, which was started in 2001. I have in the past seen and blipped other sculptures which are on this trail. I like the setting in amongst tall trees.

The sculpture is made from Coromandel tonalite, a plutonic rock often mistakenly called Coromandel granite. Coromandel tonalite is the most widely used plutonic rock in New Zealand, having been used in many public buildings as a base course or as steps. The red inlay is Indian Imperial Red Granite.

The extra photo today is of a female blackbird searching for food amongst the fallen leaves on the ground below the trees.

When I sat and ate a sandwich, I was visited by sparrows which flocked rapidly to where I sat when I rose to return to the Unit. They appeared to find something I had left behind. I had not broken off bread for the birds, and any crumbs would have been insufficient to satisfy them.

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