I was just telling her NOT to eat that rosebud

And the look she's giving me!

I'm not a great grower of roses but this one was given to me by a lovely former colleague when I left work and it's done well every year since. I've no idea why Flora wanted to eat it except that she'll give anything a go. I'd rather it was left to flower.

It's really hot today and a beautiful summer day. I'm alternating between the garden and the computer. Schools have finished today for the summer holiday and it is a perfect day for children (and teachers) anticipating weeks away from the classroom. There is a rugby game being played by exuberant lads in the next door garden. Another thing for Flora to get worked up about. Otter meanwhile is taking it easy in the shade.

I'm home alone for the next wee while. Cameraman set off on the LNER this morning bound for Ashford and a visit to his family. Then he heads to Donegal with his friend M for their annual walking/photography/whisky holiday. Though I suppose it'll be whiskey there.

This means I have time to catch up with all the things I mean to do when I have a change of routine. We'll see if that happens. So far I've booked some tickets for the book festival, washed a couple of floors, done some admin and cut back the ox-eye daisies which were threatening to take over the garden. So fairly productive thus far.

I imagine there'll be a gorgeous sunset tonight but I'm never patient enough to wait for it to blip. Although we're a week past the solstice it still doesn't get what passes for dark at this time of year till 10:30-11:00.

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