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By HarlingDarling

Birthday celebrations

The birthday celebrations began with the sat nav directing us on a magical mystery tour, and my beloved not listening to my suggestion of the lovely A59 that takes you straight to Skipton. We went up hill and down dale (literally) which was picturesque, and very slow. 

Anyhow, we got to Skipton at the same time as the other members of the group travelling from Chesterfield, and Darwen on Arthur time. The gathering of the clan in a way, but only 10 of us as the boat only holds 10. We spent the day puttering up and down the Leeds Liverpool canal on a barge for 10 people, with a cabin and a cooker, a loo and everything you could need for a day on the canal. It was really lovely!

Slow progress with some walking, some boating, dog on, dog off, dog on again - baby waking, sleeping, feeding, etc. So there was something going on all the time. I even did a bit of knitting. Samosas were a very tasty snack and in the heat of the day they were all we ate, despite having heaps of food available. It was so HOT! 

The main picture is the birthday girl and her son, my nephew, exchanging presents as he has just had a birthday too. It was so peaceful on the canal, cows and sheep and flowers, and herons, and other barges, and bridges and people on bikes and walking. It was gentle fun. Watching the lush countryside sliding by slowly, with nothing much to do, was most relaxing. There was also ice cream when we gave the barge back. A really lovely day!

The extra shows the fabulous cake that we organised for Jude, without any numbers in the text. (What's wrong with being 60?) It's egg free, gluten free and tasted great. Not too sweet if you avoid all the fondant icing. It was really an edible work of art.

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