Another canal day, bag boys!

This time walking along the tow path.
The promised rain has failed to fall all day, but it's cooler and windier than yesterday - after a very hot night.
I got up bright and early after reading till midnight, finished The Goldfinch - a book that might have benefitted from some editing, but was a brilliant read anyway. 
Absorbing and posing some deep questions about good and evil and the effects of crisis on our development and on our lives.
The reason for the early activity was to make a mass of scones for the afternoon tea party, using step-mother Joan's best china. 
"Normal ones", lactose-free ones, and gluten-free ones - made by three different bakers.
The tea party went well, but there are some left for later today when the hunger sets in again.
If it ever does!
Some of the people have left, some are soon to go and we will be back to just 4 adults and a dog.
Fair enough when most of the humans have work to go to!!

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