By Taffydil

Adios Amigos

Today Mr W and I took the Three Amigos to a lovely place called Badbury Clump in Oxfordshire. It is a hill (there's not many in Oxfordshire) and it was the site of an Iron Age Fort but now it is a lovely woodland with several walking routes. 

At the bottom of the hill is a field which I remembered from previous years had poppies in. There were not so many this year but it was still enough to make it worth a trip to with the camera. It was a bit windy though and the poppies were waving all over the place!. 

After our walk we drove through a place called Faringdon and I spotted a cafe with an old antique clothes mangle outside with a sign about dogs and leads (see extras) The 3 Amigos were not keen to go inside so they just posed for a photograph. Finally we ended up at a lovely spot along the River Thames, a characterful pub called Ye Olde Swan At Radcot where we stopped for a beer and watched the Sunday river boats cruise by. I always want to buy a boat when we come here!

Well, it's come to the end of my time with the Three Amigos and I must say its been fun. I've had to explain my actions a few times to folk who happen to see me posing my little friends for a photo and the reaction has always been one of curiosity and great interest when I told them of their travels around the globe. Long may their travels continue. Watch this space as they are heading off soon to another Blipper called Evolybab. I'm sure she is going to have a lot of fun with those guys. 

Thank you all for the recent visits to my journal, to the newcomers who follow the adventures of the 3 Amigos and also to my smaller Blip community who have followed me for the past year. The summer is always particularly busy for me so I won't be popping up as often but I wish you all a happy, warm and joyous summer. Bye for now. 

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