Mega Breadvan

By essonneimage

Recycling is good... but so is common sense...

"Merci de rien laisser à l'éxterieur"...

In our village, for its size, we have a decent set up when it comes to collection points for recycling. Unfortunately, these often fill up, especially the bins next to the school. A lot of people tend to take their recyling rubbish to the collect points, rather than use their wheelie bin!
Then you have those who seeing that the bin is full, leave items next to it. Like the glass bank, for example. Which is currently full and has bottles on the ground next to it.
Our box of glass recyling at home is full too... but we're waiting until the bottle bank is emptied, rather than create a modern art installation of glass next to it!

Modern art is also the theme for the clothes bin today.

These are supposed to be bagged and then slid into a hatch which you push up with a handle. The bags then slide into the inside of the bin.
It seems that someone/a few people haven't quite got the bagging up stuff and then putting it into the bin here.
We have bags and bags of old clothes in our basement... but I'm not about to go and create a black bin liner mountain outside the school. Someone has already started to have a try though...

Sadly, as we hit "les vacances" - the bins/collection points will be emptied less and less frequently as we go through July & August. Everything goes very dead round here as the Paris region empties and heads south.

It is just the "French way".

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